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This site and the writings on it are my property. They are shared from my own personal experiences, strengths, and hope. I am not affiliated or endorsed by any 12 Step group. I share my thoughts by using the Steps because they worked for me. More about my copyright and the ability to use my writings for your project can be found here.

Along with my copyright, more viewing of my disclaimer can be found here.

I am a person who has attended various 12 Step programs for over a quarter of a century. You can guess which group I am a member of, but that is all it would be. With keeping of the Traditions of various 12 Step groups I will never divulge my membership in any group. Here are some thoughts on The 11th Tradition of AA, which I believe keeps me in “good standings” with recovery groups. I use the Traditions of AA because the Steps, Traditions, and Principles of that group are the template for every other group in existence today. After all, AA is the granddaddy of all 12 step groups.

If interested in various awards which I have received, as well as my writings on veteran issues, and other odds and ends, please click here.


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